Homestay Trekking in Nepal

Homestay Trekking in Nepal

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26 - Jan, 2020

As the people are reviving their classical lifestyle in recent few years, they want to taste the same thing during their holiday trips. One of the significant examples of seeking for classical taste during their holiday trips is using homestay accommodation and food during the trip.

Among different homestay holidays trips, Homestay trekking in Nepal is considerably getting its popularity among the trekkers who love trekking trips in the foothills of Himalayas witnessing magnificent mountain panorama.

There may be a larger number of people who love modern luxury hotels and restaurants for accommodation and foods during their holidays trips in Nepal, but, on the other hand, there are equal number of people who love trekking in Nepal exploring the core highlights of local place and the people.

This article is all about Homestay Trekking in Nepal and its highlights. Has anyone heard from the people that they have done homestay trekking in Nepal? If so you might have got the comment like: ‘ It was a marvelous trekking in Nepal- the experiences were life-changing”.

If not, you can do research on Homestay trekking in Nepal or optionally, can ask the people who have experienced it during their holiday in Nepal.

Now, let’s see, how homestay trekking is distinct from teahouse or camping trekking?

Homely Environment

The most important thing you require during your holiday trekking is homely environment which is provided by homestays of Nepal. These homestays are run by the local people and they are friendly and hospitable. You can feel like you are at your home during your trek in Nepal.

You can share every kind of problems, feelings and emotions with the family who is running the homestay you are using for your food and accommodation for Nepal Trekking.

Do not hesitate to ask anything you like and you require, they will provide comfortably without any objection if it is possible form their side. These kinds of things and experiences can not be entertained in teahouse or camping trekking in Nepal.

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Affordable Cost

Definitely, homestay trekking is cheaper than teahouse trekking in Nepal. The amount you pay for lodges or hotels to enjoy luxury during your trekking in Nepal can be affordable to numerous other homestay treks.

But it doesn’t mean that homestays are not luxury and convenient. They are but offered in cheaper cost. The money you for your accommodation and food directly go to the local level and help to enhance the local economy.

Don’t panic even if you don’t have big budget for your holiday trekking in Nepal because you will quench your thirst of trekking in the Himalayas using cheaper luxury homestays. So, why to waste you’re earning spending nights and buying expensive food items at luxury lodges and hotels?

Authentic Local Taste

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If you are looking forward to tasting the most authentic local taste of hospitality, culture, food items, lifestyle etc. go with trekking in Nepal. You will really feel that you are having the core insights of local culture, lifestyle and civilization while doing Homestay trekking in Nepal.

On contrary, lodge or teahouse trekking is very far away from these authenticities. They serve the trekkers just for formality. So, definitely, you are boarding on holiday trekking for a distinct experiences which is provided by Chamati Boutique Homestay.

Right and Reliable Travel Information

Nobody can cheat their own family members. Homestays treat every individual trekker as their own family members and provide right and reliable travel information. The right and reliable ravel information similar to a professional guide in the mountain what helps your trekking in Nepal a successful.

But the lodges and teahouses always look for the profit while providing information to the travelers. They twist and convert the travel information to profit which is not entertained by the travelers all the time during a travel.

So, if are looking forward a relaxed and full-fledged trekking trek in Nepal, go with Homestay trekking. You will have a deeper level of information than the information provided by lodges and teahouses.

Helping Local Economy

Homestays always try their best to offer the most organic local products. They use all local ingredients and equipments for foods and accommodation what people love these days that modern lodges and hotels do not provide. Trekkers feel something special lacking during trekking trip in Nepal that is local products.

But, if they choose to go with Homestay trekking in Nepal, of course, they will experience it. What they pay for food and accommodation directly goes to the local people that enhance local economy. In other words, this is called sustainable tourism what you can do through homestay trekking in Nepal.

Cultural exchange, learn local language and learn to cook local foods

Homestay trekking is always distinct from lodge and teahouse trekking in Nepal. The homestays provide you trekkers an opportunity of cultural exchange. Similarly, you can learn local language and learn to local food if you want.

Homestays have employed professional local cook or the family who run the homestays teach you the local language and also teach you how to prepare local dishes like Nepali Dal Bhat.

These above mentioned highlights make homestay trekking quite distinct from teahouse/ lodge trekking in Nepal. If you are really looking forward to having an organic and the most natural flavor of trekking in Nepal, go with homestay trekking in Nepal.


What are the popular homestay treks in Nepal?

New homestay treks are emerging in different trekking regions of Nepal so as to satisfy the desires and intentions for modern trekkers. However, the popular homestay treks in Nepal are: Lower Manaslu Homestay Trekking, Chispani- Nagarkot Homestay Trekking