Homestay Tourism

Homestay Tourism in Nepal

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6 - Jan, 2020

Tourists travelling from one to other place using Homestay for their accommodation and food is known as Homestay Tourism. Homestay Tourism in Nepal is being flourished gradually in few recent years. People love to taste Homestay than modern luxurious hotels and restaurants for their food and accommodation these days. Using homestay during a travel benefits in two ways: saves money and learn local culture while accommodating with local people.

Since Nepal owns divers nature and culture, people around the world love to explore them. The best way of exploring the highlights of nature and culture is by using homestay during a holiday trip.

Nepal is celebrating 2020 as Nepal Tourism Year and its tourism policies are primarily focusing on Homestay Tourism in Nepal.

In order to satisfy the interest of the travelers, homestays are not only being run in countryside on the trekking trails in the Himalayas but also in major modern cities of Nepal. Tourist are found using homestays in major cities of Nepal like in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Tourist can get homestays in central Thamel and just outskirts of Thamel in recent few years. Also, if the tourist want to stay just outskirt of Kathmandu valley, they can easily have the access to get homestays . Staying at homestays just outskirt of Kathmandu valley is far better than using the homestays of central Thamel because you are going to enjoy cool and fresh air, the serene atmosphere and the typical Nepali lifestyle and food items.

Also, people can find homestay accommodation in Pokhara and just outskirt of it. Homestays in Pokhara and nearby it are marvelous to experience the typical Nepali culture, foods, lifestyle and ethnic people’s age-old civilization. Most importantly,

Homestays are also popular in major trekking routes like in Langtang trekking route, Annapurna Trekking route and Everest trekking route.

Likewise, besides Pokhara and Kathmandu, we can get homestay accommodation in other major tourist destinations. Bandipur Homestay, Gorkha Homestay, Manakamana Homestay, Kakani Homestay, Namobuddha Homestay, Shivapuri Homestay, Nagarkot homestay, Chisapani Homestay, Ghandruk Homestay and Ghalegaun Homestay are popular homestays in Nepal. Those who love homestay accommodation while traveling in Nepal can find the homestays they like and can go with them.

How Homestays benefits both parties: owner and the travelers?

Homestays are, truly, relatively cheaper than hotel accommodation. But cheaper here doesn’t mean that homestay do not provide quality of service. They do. On the other hand, travelers can experience the authentic local foods, culture, language if interested and share all the experience with local people. People rarely get this kind of opportunity while making a holiday trip. But, still, there are some people who boast themselves staying in star hotels and waste their money instead of enhancing local tourism using the local products and accommodation. Also, the travelers get the most authentic and reliable information about the local place.

Not only are the travelers benefited by the homestays, but also the local people who run them. Using homestays for accommodation and foods directly empower the economy of the local people since they use all the local products in order to let the tourists taste the distinct flavor of living and eating than modern restaurants and hotels. Local owner to homestays can learn many things from travelers include their culture, civilization, interests, lifestyles etc and can move accordingly. So, both parties: the owner to homestays and the tourist are tremendously benefited while using homestays while travling. So, go with homestays while traveling, enhance local tourism.

Actually, the most authentic taste of travel is offered by homestays since you will get the opportunity of exploring the destination from the innermost level. Moreover, the explorers and the researchers find homestays the most rewarding for the y can observe the things from closest point of view and discover all the hidden mysteries of the particular issue or place.

Listing out Why to use homestays during your Nepal holiday Trip

  • Affordable Cost ( Relatively Cheaper)
  • Enjoy and Learn to cook local organic foods
  • Learn Local language ( if interested)
  • Interact with local and learn their culture and civilization
  • Feel like family while traveling
  • Get the most authentic information of destination you want to visit
  • Make the locals happy and be happy yourself
  • Enhance local tourism and empower the local economy
  • Opportunity of volunteering

If you have these many benefits of using homestays , why travelers don’t use homestays during a holiday trip? They should do it in order to promote local tourism. You yourself should do it and request other to do it.